Drawing, painting and printing is another way that I express myself and explore my emotions. I love organic forms and am inspired by may artists especially works from the impressionists and surrealists.

Art badges are little miniature artworks turned into wearable art in the form of a button badge, they are mostly on old book pages to give them character and add to the simple illustrations depicted on each. They are all hand drawn so although there are themes with flowers and women, no two will turn out the same.

In 2013 and 2014 I facilitated Art4Kids classes locally through the Griffith Regional Art Gallery for 2 to 5 year olds which enabled me to foster a creative spirit within the younger generation and explore a variety of mediums with them.

In 2014 as part of the Western Riverina Arts Trail I had a solo exhibition titled ‘COLOUR+EMOTION=’ this explored a wide range of emotions and the way colour can make you feel, you can see more information about this exhibition below.

In 2015 I received a highly commended Soroptomist Art Exhibition at Coleambally, in the Abstract or Mixed Media Painting section for ‘Anger’ a painting from the ‘COLOUR+EMOTION=’ exhibition

art gallery


Through the juxtaposition of colour and spatial position within the work, organic shapes reminiscent of people evoke differing emotions in the viewer. This is an exhibition to challenge your emotions. I feel art enables us to express emotion, feelings and notions that we often struggle to express verbally.

The perception of colour and the mood it elicits is dependent on the individual viewer. I have chosen colours and subsequently brushstrokes that for me, portray the emotion for which the work is named. This is a subjective topic that will challenge the viewer to agree or disagree.

Definitions used in the artwork descriptions have come from The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary, 7th Edition. 1987

Artworks have each been created using mixed media on canvas board which consists of pencil, ink, paper and acrylic paint with varnish.


Art 4 Kids

This is a program run through Griffith Regional Art Gallery I had the pleasure of facilitating in 2013 and 2014, run twice a year they are fun and exciting classes providing an opportunity for children and their parents or carers to join together in creative activities; fostering that creative spirit alive in all of us that just needs a little encouragement. I believe we are all creative in our own way.

Each art experience was been designed to bring the adult and child together to enhance and build better relationships. All activities provided are low cost and art accessible and can be repeated at home with the help of ‘worksheets’ which give easy to understand step by step instructions for each activity. They are all designed to be carried out with an adults assistance.

original artworks

acrylic or mixed media artworks

brighten your walls with art

art badges

simple illustrations on old book pages

so you can wear art everyday