Meet Jess Crawford a very talented artist, who’s art graces my walls at home and makes me smile each day. Which is perfect when her tagline is #artbrightenstheway.

First things first, the all-important brief:

  • Colour
  • Font similar to signature on the artworks – that won’t date
  • Versatile – to suit different spaces and uses


Font Choice

I wanted to use a script-based font to mimic how Jess signs her art, which also gives a creative vibe. But we didn’t want to use her actual signature, as we wanted a font that could be used across other design elements within her business. We mixed it with a contemporary slab serif font, with a uniform line thickness and nice crisp square ends.


The Icon

The icon element came from part of an artwork – I took a small little section from ‘Peace will come; to create the abstract background for the circle, then used the brand colours to finish it off. We wanted to have an element that worked alone.


The Final Design

The final logo is a lovely horizontal design – a text-based design, with a paintbrush like stroke to tie it all together. The icon is fully stand alone. The way the icon has been designed gives the option to brand things in a subtle way and is perfect for use on social media profile pics.

With Jess’s branding you can see how it translates across other design elements as over time we have worked together on flyers, calendars, designer socials and this year also her website.

The main thing with Jess’s brand is that it complements her bright vibrant art.

Artwork images used with permission by Jess

To find out more about Jess or to see more of her beautiful artworks as originals or printed on divine pouches and scarves, click the logo below.

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