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Helping you be consistent with your social media so your images make your business shine.

I talk about brand consistency on the blog in ‘Brand Consistency’. To ensure you are able to be consistent in your branding a style guide is included with all logo and branding jobs I work on; this means you can create images or designs for your business using the same design elements that I would.

If you are needing graphics to share on social media, I can do them for you with the Designer Socials package. Where you supply the text and I will turn them into on brand graphics for your business to share on social media.

examples of brand consistancy and why its important

I understand it’s not always possible to have a designer that can create all these awesome graphics for you.

So, the Designer Socials templates came about.

Designer Socials Templates

These have been created as a DIY designer option. So, you can make text-based images for your business, you can put a quote up on Instagram or use them to create a service button on your website, add testimonial text and use them to share those. Basically, anything where you are sharing words with your customers. You could add imagery if it fits within the frame and suits your brand. But it means the basic design is done you don’t have to make it look good, simply add the text.

The Designer Socials templates are a set of 20 images, using a maximum of 4 colours (as using too many colours in our branding rarely works), that you can add text to in your program of choice (canva, illustrator, photoshop, etc). Enabling you to be consistent with your branding at a lower cost than a custom service.

With the Designer Socials templates, I include a PDF file explaining the files and how to use them, as well as the HEX codes for the 2-4 colours used within the designs. This means you can use the same colours across other designs you may create for your business. They are designed for website/social media use, as such are provided at 150dpi, they cannot be used for print products.

Please note: as these are a template product each set can be sold up to 4 times. If you wish to be the sole owner of the template set you would need to purchase all 4 of them.

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I was getting frustrated by the time design jobs were taking but Louise was able to read my mind and understand exactly what I needed done.

She got it done in two days and I was able to get on with project and back the work that inspires me!

Thanks Louise for taking the time to understand my vision and for nailing it!!


Elle Roberts

Want awesome graphics to set you apart from your competitors then talk to Louise from Radge Design. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

So so happy with what she has done and it just makes my life so much easier. Gives my business a more polished look


Black Sand Social Media

What can I say about Louise? She is a delight and pleasure to work with, has pulled my vision to life in the most amazing way possible and worked with in the right deadline I had.

I won't be going anywhere else for all my media/marketing materials from now on, I have found the holy grail.


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