These designs were for a gift wrap collection brief from the Make it in Design live hub. The brief was to look at our Christmas past and be inspired by our own personal memories of Christmas when designing the collection. The designs were to be unique and also conjure up the magical feeling of Christmas.

The first step in the process was to think of our memories and then create a mood board to show where our inspiration and ideas have come from. And also how the colours used in the designs have been thought out.

Being in Australia my memories are very different to what is traditionally seen as Christmas in other areas of the world. To me from my childhood the memories were of the Australian summer, out at the farm, hot and dry with no snow in sight. I also remember the importance to my grandparents of going to church on Christmas day so religion and bible stories like that of the wise men also play apart in my memories of Christmas past.

christmas memories moodboard

So I chose to design ‘Christmas Memories’ with the juxtaposition of Christmas past. The traditional ‘white’ Christmas vs the reality of a hot summer Christmas on the farm with family and religion, the ideals from childhood memories. Looking out over the paddocks with no snow in sight.

And these are the final designs I created:

  • Snow over the Paddock (mustard)
  • Three Wise Men
  • Wise Men Walking
  • Snowflake Skies (blue)
  • Snow over the Paddock (eucalyptus)
  • Summer Cross

christmas memories surface pattern fabric collection

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