How to get cohesive branding… There is more to your brand than your logo.

How your website and social media look, the way you speak or type (yep the way you write matters). What you share in Facebook groups or any other groups you are in; All impacts on how your business/brand is viewed by others.

If all those elements aren’t working together portraying your business how you want it to be seen, then other people aren’t going to know what you are about and your business may look unprofessional.

Thinking about Instagram – it is all visual. On other social media and your website words/layout/images all come into play but, on Instagram it’s the images that are the focus.

So, Instagram is the perfect place to look at consistency with your images, and cohesive branding. You can take this brand cohesiveness and translate your image use across other platforms and your own website to ensure that your business shines.


Looking at Instagram as a visual representation of your business

Do you think about what you’re posting?

Do the images represent your business?

Are you always sharing personal things that don’t relate to your business or how you want it to be seen?

If you share lots of personal things that aren’t related and don’t tie into your brand, think about getting another profile. It is now really easy to switch between Instagram accounts. There is no longer the need to have business and personal all combined into the one (unless you choose to of course).

Behind the scenes and personal images are fine BUT they need to work with your brand, so they are enhancing rather than detracting from your business.

Do you ever look back over your feed? Is it consistent with your branding?

One image may be fantastic but when viewed as a part of your whole feed it could be out of place. This could be by its colours, styling or being a landscape when every other image in your feed is a styled product etc.

The way around this is to think about what your posting, have a method or plan – it doesn’t have to be exact. However if you are aware of it then you can alternate the images so you can still post the landscape but tie it into the images around it.

Curating your Instagram by looking back over your images and archiving ones that look out of place can help to create a more cohesive feel.

Breaking images up with words, quotes, patterns, illustrations are all ways that you can change the look of your feed & show your business off in its best light.

Which way you do it depends on what you like to share.

There is no point incorporating quotes into your Instagram if you don’t like them. Pick something that is more you to break up the photos in your feed if needed.

In the examples above, they have all used different methods to break up the images and stay on brand. Some have used photos with a similar colour palate, others have mixed images with graphics. Both ways work to give them a cohesive feel for their specific brand. You can tell what their brand is about through the story they share in their images.

Branding across your Instagram also comes down to the ‘highlight’ images across the top of your business feed.

Use icons in your brand colours that suit the topics, or simple words on circles in your brand colour. These little pieces all add your brand and how easily it can be recognised by others.


Now have a look at your Instagram, is there something you can do to create the feel you want your business to portray?

Do you need some help with creating this look?

Chat to me about Designer Socials, they’re perfect for this. On brand images that you can use on your social media, enabling you to be on brand all the time. Mix them in with other images and quotes. There are so many ways to ensure your business looks it’s best on social media.

All screenshots have been used with permission from the business owners [August 2020]. Thanx to: Crisp Copy, Property Friends, Cos Organics, How to Live a Life Less Cancer,  Jenny Latto – the art and craft of business, Hillen Staff Solutions, Radge Design Fabric, Little Petal Sleep

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