Colour use in your Branding


Have you ever noticed that the most effective brands use limited colours in their brand designs?

Think about Virgin, Coca Cola, Ford, FedEx, Facebook… the list goes on.


What do they all have in common for their branding?

Yep that’s right 1-2 colours in their logos. And they are consistent with that colour use.


How many colours are in your logo and branding?

Do you use them consistently or add in an extra colour now and again when creating marketing materials?

For your brand to be the most effective and have brand consistency using limited colours helps.


Most designers when creating a brand will use 1-2 maybe 3 main colours within your logo, and the style guide may suggest one other colour. So, at the most 4 colours will be listed for your brand.


If you then use these colours and only these colours consistently, you’ll be remembered and noticed. This doesn’t necessarily mean using all the colours all the time but it does mean your brand will be more effective if you use them consistently across visual elements of your brand.



Here are some examples of branding I have worked on that have limited colours.

From those with a single colour within their logo or a single colour with additional colours added to other elements of their branding;


To those with Two colours within the logo that then carry into their branding as well.


And to those with Three colours within the logo that then carry into their branding as well, and very few if any additional colours are used for designs created for their businesses.


Do you need help working this out for your branding?

Do you have your logo and colours but sometimes use others?

Book a Visual Brand Review and we can chat about how you can best present your brand moving forward.

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