Moodboard – Stylish Classic Masculine Business

Moodboards can be used to help portray the feeling of a business, sometimes they are incorporated into style guides (depending on the package you get from your designer). Basically, they give you a visual representation of the mood of your business.

In this series of blog posts I have taken a set of 3 values that a brand may have and used them to create a mood board that represents these. I have then taken it one step further, creating Designer Socials graphics, so you can see how taking the image style, colours and fonts and putting them together enhances the brand.

In this case the business brand values are:

  • Stylish
  • Classic
  • Masculine

moodboard to suit stylish classic masculine business branding


The photos I’ve used to represent these values are moody, greyscale images with texture and detail in them. There is a touch of colour with the mustard, for dignified and supportive feel for this very masculine type business brand – mustard is blended with the strong colours of classic black, slate and mist further enhancing the masculine feel.

fonts and colours for use in a stylish classic masculine brand


The font is a modern take on the traditional serif typeface. Adding to the stylish classic feel of the business. There is no blending of fonts – they are both the same typeface in a serif and the italicised version of the same font. Further enhancing the brand values.

Putting it together on Designer Socials graphics

Then you can see below how putting all the elements together on graphics for use on social media would further enhance the brand with consistent use.

stylish classic masculine brand social media graphics
stylish classic masculine brand social media graphics
stylish classic masculine brand social media graphics

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Like how the Designer Socials tie this look together?

Can you see how mixing these style of images into your social posts could help your brand recognition?

I can help you with it, for more info click below.

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