The Design Process

If you have never worked with a graphic designer before then you’re probably wondering what to expect of the design process.

Now you need to be aware designers all have our own processes and procedures for how we work. So not only do you need a designer who’s style you like, you also need a designer who works the way you do or in a complementary manner for the process to go well.


Take for example a logo or branding design.


The Brief

Some designers will ask a few simple questions, have a chat with you, do some research and off they go designing your concepts.

Others may have a fully-fledged document for you to complete with pages of questions you need to answer before the process moves any further.

Now there is no right or wrong in either method, it is simply how we choose to work.


You will also find that some designers give you one concept and others may give you ten. Most will give you 2-4 designs – anymore and is confusing for you and time consuming for the designer.

Because, you know that really simple design? Well, the thought processes behind the design and refinement of each element in it takes time. Way more time that you would anticipate – as we think each design element through; how they will work at large sizes, small sizes, do they work alone, is the font easily readable etc… the considerations go on.


Then once you have the initial concepts, it’s your turn to give feedback to the designer as to what you like/dislike with the concepts and any changes that you might like made.

Now sometimes the designer just gets it and the design is perfect first up. But that’s not always the case and revisions are a normal part of the design process to get you that perfect brand. And it doesn’t always go the way you planned.

In some case jumping on a chat with the designer, so they can explain the choices they made and the reasons behind those choices will help. We all like to get feedback in writing – as then everyone is on the same page but sometimes design speak and non-design speak means bits get missed along the way and in that case a face to face or video call will make a difference.

As when you say ‘I like that colour blue’ and make no mention of any other elements in the design, we may just run with that, which isn’t what you wanted.

The questions.

Why do we ask questions at the start of the design process?

Despite what you may think it isn’t to annoy you or make you repeat yourself. It’s so we have all the information needed to make those decisions in the design process.

Sometimes the information you give for example: font style or colours don’t give the right vibe or personality for your business. There can be a mismatch. So, we need to work through that and determine how to bring it all together. And from time to time the designer will suggest alternate colours or font styles, to ensure that your branding has the right personality for your business.

It’s not that we haven’t read the information that you gave us in the brief or that we are choosing to ignore it. It is simply that the style and the story being given don’t mix. Which isn’t going to be the best choice for your brand, you need to be open to listening to your designer and seeing why they are suggesting the things they are.

So, as you can see the design process is a little more complex than picking a font and a colour and sticking them all together.

To get the best for your brand, trust your designer and if you don’t trust them, then find a new designer to make the process easier for both of you.


Are you in need of a designer, chat to me and we can see if my design process will work for you.

Book a complementary Design Chat and we can chat about how I may be the designer for you.

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