What is content?

Content is anything that you are putting out there for your business.

  • Social media posts
  • Blogs
  • Photos/Videos
  • Basically, anything you create

You need to know your brand to create content that is cohesive so your business can shine.

  • What are your brand colours and fonts?
  • What is your brand voice or brand/business personality?

Think about it.

When scrolling on social media, it’s the images that grab your attention and make you stop to read the post.

Is there any consistency to the images you are posting for your business?

content creation creating on brand images

It can be as simple as:

  • Adding your logo in the same position
  • Framing images in the same way
  • Using images with similar tones or the same fonts, all the time
  • Taking photos on the same or similar backgrounds.
    • Remember when taking photos, give the items some space around them (it means you can crop them later on)
  • Creating flat lays with items that could be used together, so the images are telling a bit of a story.

Thinking about these elements when creating content for your business will not only make it easier to create the content but it will also make it easier for your customers to recognise it.

When creating content for social media consider the following:

  • What type of posts do you want to share?
  • Which platform is the content for?
  • What information do you want your customers to see or have?
  • What type of posts get interaction from your customers?
    • The more comments and responses on a post, the more it will be seen.
  • Do your customers create content that you can then share – giving social proof.
    • If they do tag you in a post, ask for permission to share them and use them as images on your social media as well.

Then look at how you will create the posts using images, text, video etc.

Have a template as such for each type of post to make it quicker and easier.

Not every image or post needs to be the same, they simply need to look like they belong together.

Once you have been consistently posting and creating content for a while remember to look back and review how your post types are going:

  • Which ones perform better than others?
  • Do some get lots of interaction and others get none?
  • What is the difference between the posts?

This information can then be used to adjust your posts to be more effective.

And remember

Personalise it

Include you.

Share some of you and the people behind your business when creating your content.

If you don’t want to share your face, work out other ways to be in the photos ie. hands, feed, face turned away, from behind – I am sure you can find a way.

People buy from people, so give your business that personal touch and show that there is a person behind the business rather than a faceless corporation.

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