A quirky greeting card collection and the story of how it came about.

A brief in the Make It In Design Ultimate Portfolio Builder course I completed a little while back was looking for ‘funky original designs, incorporating words’. The initial product would be for use on greeting cards however the designs needed to be suitable for use on other products, so a range could be developed.

I thought I would take inspiration from the weather using simple motifs and quirky little quotes with the aim to cheer people up. So here is the collection of quirky greeting cards ‘Weather Sentiments’

Here are the designs and the words I felt fit on the inside of a card.

  • Enjoy the sunshine not the rain – look on the bright side
  • Don’t be a cloud be the sun – cheer up, look on the bright side
  • You can weather the storm – things will get better
  • Wind will blow it all away – you will be ok
quirky greeting card design dont be a cloud e the sun
quirky greeting card designweather the storm
quirky greeting card design wind will blow it all away
  • Hail is hard but it melts away – things will get easier
  • Lightening only strikes once – it will all be ok
  • Rainbows come after the storm – things will get better
  • Everything sparkles in the sunshine – you are a shining star
hail is hard quirky greeting card
lightening strikes once quirky greeting card
rainbows after the storm quirky greeting card
sunshine sparkles quirky greeting card


Which is your favourite as a card?

Or would you prefer them on something you use everyday, like a mug or handy pouch?

weather sentiments on a mug
weather sentiments on pouches

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