The Pompom collection came about from a brief to design a wrapping paper for generic occasions.

A design that could be versatile across a range of ages and occasions.

For some reason I took my inspiration from pompoms, I think as they are fun and reminded me of childhood. Yet also in their made state are explosive and celebratory with all their bits sticking out, so look a little like fireworks. You have pompoms where they are half made and flat where the wool is still wrapped around the discs.

In this collection there is a Lilac, Mint, Mustard and Teal design as either:

  • Half a Pompom
  • Flat pompom

pompom surface pattern collection

They’re bright, fun and generic as the design requested. Suitable for any occasion from celebrations to birthdays for both young and old.

I also discovered they make beautiful fabric, so are a truly versatile design.

pompoms patterns on pouches and laptop cases

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