terms & conditions All design work by Radge Design is subject to the following terms and conditions. Please ensure you understand them before commencing any design project with Radge Design. If you have any questions about anything contained in the terms and conditions please contact me for clarification prior to placing an order. By placing an order with Radge Design, you as a client are entering a legally binding contract for services and agree to these terms and conditions.

Please Note: All designs remain the property of Radge Design until final payment has been made, Use of any designs prior to payment being finalised is a breach of copyright.

Payment: The client agrees to pay 100% of the quoted design fee prior to commencement of the design project ; unless otherwise arranged ((Australian Clients may discuss staged payments, all international orders require 100% upfront). 50% of the design fee is non-refundable once the design process has commenced. The balance (if any) is payable before release of the final files. Any additional charges (stock images, non-standard typefaces, printing etc.) are due at the time they are incurred and must be paid before they are acquired by Radge Design.

Cancellations/Refunds: 50% of the design fee is non-refundable once the design process has commenced, this is deemed to have occurred on receipt of a completed design brief and agreement on the design quote from the client and once I have started sketching or working on designs. If a design project is cancelled by the client prior to project completion a pro-rata payment may be applicable on any project that is more than 50% complete (as determined by Radge Design) for time spent on the project before the cancellation notice was received. In the event of project cancellation Radge Design retains ownership of all copyright material and original artwork.

Copyright: All designs and their copyright remain the property of Radge Design until final payment has been received. The client assumes copyright and reproduction rights upon final payment and completion of the project. Unused design concepts remain the property of Radge Design and may be used for other clients in the future. Radge Design retains personal rights for the use of completed projects as examples in their design portfolio and marketing materials for Radge Design (unless other arrangements have been made).

Revisions: The design fee includes 3 revisions (unless otherwise specified on the initial project quote); additional revisions or alterations are charged at a rate of $70 per hour (or as advised in the quote).

Approval of Artwork: Whilst Radge Design takes all care to avoid errors, Radge Design is not responsible for any spelling, grammatical, typographical errors, omissions or incorrect information in the final product. It is the client’s responsibility to thoroughly check all final proofs and give their approval via email before the final work will be released to the client, upon payment being received.

File Supply: Logo files are supplied electronically to the client in print and web formats as EPS, PNG, JPEG, GIF and PDF. Print files will be supplied as high resolution PDF files. If other files types are required that can be arranged please specify when asking for a quote, if unsure of file type required please explain your planned use. All original artwork and source files remain the property of Radge Design unless otherwise arranged; there will be a fee for supply of original artwork and source files.

Colour Variation: Please note there may be colour variation between the screen and final product. This occurs due to differences in the way colours are managed on the screen (RGB) and print (CMYK). Screen proofing is not indicative of the final printed piece, printed colours can vary between printers, jobs and different print runs. Radge Design will not be responsible for any colour variations on printing as these factors are beyond our control.

Images: Any images supplied to Radge Design for use in a design project must be accompanied by appropriate written approval of the photographer. Radge Design will not be responsible for any legal issues or copyright breaches as a result of the use or printing of supplied images. Stock images, clip art, vector images can be used with the correct commercial licence rights being purchased by the client OR Radge Design can arrange for their purchase which will incur a 15% commission being charged in addition to the image and licence fees, payable prior to the image/licence being purchased. Any images supplied by the client must be in high resolution; Radge Design is not responsible for colour variation occurring if the image requires conversion from RGB to CMYK.

Privacy Policy: Your privacy is important to us. Radge Design respects your privacy and personal details. Any information supplied to Radge Design during the design process will be solely used for that purpose and not disclosed to any third parties without written consent of the client.

Updated November 2014