for a friendly chatty designer who reads your mind & turns ideas into designs, speak to louise at radge design

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Hi I am your designer on call, I can create graphics perfect for you & what you need so you can spend your time working on the things that you love.

You get a friendly reliable graphic designer who works on a wide range of things from little on call jobs to full business branding packages.

To me project size doesn’t matter, those little jobs that you think a designer won’t do, I enjoy.

Every bit of design is making the world a more amazing inspiring place, if I can play a part in that & see your ideas out in the world as designs I think that is awesome. There is no point having awesome ideas if they stay in your head.

So if the only thing stopping you from getting your amazing idea out into the world is a lack of design or technical skills, for example turning a drawing into a digital file, chat to me and see how I can help.

If everyone was the same the world would be a pretty boring place, show your personality & find that creative spark within your business with the help of Radge Design

With the designer on call service time use is flexible enabling you to get small design jobs completed to a professional standard without additional costs or paying for time you don’t use. I simply add the time used on my handy to-do planner & keep track of it that way, I can let you know what time you have left easily & without fuss.

If you’re not sure if what you have in mind fits the scope of designer on call or the logo & branding packages, chat to me about your needs & I can create a custom quote to suit your project.

I was getting frustrated by the time design jobs were taking but Louise was able to read my mind and understand exactly what I needed done.

She got it done in two days and I was able to get on with project and back the work that inspires me!

Thanks Louise for taking the time to understand my vision and for nailing it!!


Highly recommend Louise. Her work is exceptional and she is my “go to” designer for all my business needs.

An incredible talent.


What can I say about Louise? She is a delight and pleasure to work with, has pulled my vision to life in the most amazing way possible and worked with in the right deadline I had.

I won’t be going anywhere else for all my media/marketing materials from now on, I have found the holy grail.