As well as your regular graphic design services for logos & business branding materials, here at Radge Design I have a designer on call option which basically means you have a designer on call (aka me) to design when you need it. No waiting weeks or months to get slotted into the calendar for that small job that you really want done but are putting off as you can’t find a designer interested in working on it.

With designer on call most projects will have a 48 hour* turnaround during weekdays, dependent on project size & any revisions required. If the project falls outside this time frame I will be in touch and advise you of the expected timeline for completion. For full details about the designer on call service see here.

For logo designs & business branding my style is a little quirky as I love expressing your brand personality & incorporating hand drawn elements into the designs (where possible) to ensure they are unique.

design chat

Its nice to know a bit about my clients and their business/brand before we work together. If you like the style of design work in my portfolio below and would like to chat about designs you need for your business. Click below to arrange a time for a complimentary 15 minute design chat, to see if I am the right designer for you.

Who owns the copyright to your logo?

Did you know copyright for ‘artistic works’ in Australia is automatic and logos are classed as ‘artistic work' therefore copyright of the design is actually owned by the creator!!! So who owns the copyright to your logo design? Did you check this prior to choosing...

Things to ask a designer when getting your logo designed

Here are some tips to help you along the way to get the best value for your money when hiring a graphic designer to design your logo or business branding for you. Not all designers will be the right one for you, each designer has their own style and skillset if you...

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here you can find all the terms and conditions for design work with Radge Design and also our privacy policy.

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