Yes!!! Then I can help!!

I can take your half formed unfinished ideas and turn them into unique designs just for you.

Running your own business often means doing everything. What if you could team up with someone who took care of all you design needs? Like me, giving you back your time so you can focus on doing the work you actually love.

A designer on call means exactly that; you have a designer on call for when you need that thing designed.

You know the things like postcards, flyers, social media banners that need to be done like now and not in 3 months time.

Having me on a retainer package (which is what designer on call is) means that I will be available to design for your business each month, it might be a flyer each week or a heap of images for your social media. The projects I can do are virtually endless.

Knowing you have a graphic designer on hand enables you to have projects completed to a professional standard in a timely manner, rather than putting them in the too hard basket.

I can give you the perfect on brand graphics to post on social media or document designs for that download you want to create. Each month (or week) it can be something different as the time use is flexible.

You can have 3 or 6 hours (depending on your chosen option) to use each month on any designs that you choose.

With this service most projects will have a 3 day turn around during week days, dependent on project size and any revisions required. If the project is larger than the time included in your package, we could split it over 2-3 months to get the project completed without any additional cost to you. Or you can pay for added hours (at a discounted rate specific to retainer clients) for the additional time needed that month.

Book a time to chat with me to see if I’m the designer you’d like behind the scenes of your business, creating your graphics.

The more we work together the better your branding will be.

So, what can I get done with 3 hours per month? That varies a bit as all projects are different. however here are some ideas of what can be achieved within this time frame:

  • A basic print flyer each week (4 in a month)
  • 20-25 Designer Socials images – all ready to post on social media
  • 12 page sewing pattern (or similar style doc with text/images) including some simple illustrations
  • 3-6 illustrations (depends on complexity)
  • 15-20 page document design (ie. a prospectus or simple e-book)

As your designer on call I get to know you, your business and its branding. So we can create awesome things together.

I can create graphics perfect for your business and what you need so you can spend your time working on the things you love while your business shines.

Designer on call spaces are limited, at any one time I can have up to 5 clients on these packages depending on which options have been chosen.

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0427 532 426
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