Hi, I am Louise aka Radge, a mum to two beautiful children that are growing up so fast. I love that I can show them creativity in different ways each day, inspiring them even if it’s just with artworks on the wall (some are mine, some are theirs). I am passionate about art and design; being creative is a part of me without it I start going a little crazy. I like to be different, so I create things that share that quirkiness with others.

My grandmother was an artist, she painted landscapes using oils and watercolours. The landscapes and rock formations from where she lived and holidayed around Armidale and Evans Head. I remember looking her paintings as a child. I feel it is through her that my creativity has come.

I feel I am an artist within my soul, there is an innate need in me to be creative and share this in any way that I can. When I am not taking the time to create I start to lose myself. Like other creatives I have trained/studied/self-taught myself many things over the years those that stick with me and light me up are silversmithing, graphic design & mixed media artworks.

I studied jewellery design subjects while studying pharmacy and graphic design while pregnant with my second child. So you could say I am a little crazy but I enjoy the challenge. I remember when I was finishing high school and trying to decide what to study at uni telling my mum that in my ideal life I would spend 2 days a week doing pharmacy and the rest of the time being creative.

It wasn’t until I had children that I found a way to make this dream a reality. At school/uni I never thought of graphic design as something I could do, the idea of art on a computer screen in a digital format was totally foreign to me, I just wanted to be an artist. But I studied it thinking it would be an easier creative outlet with kids and I love it. I really love the challenge of creating designs for others from a written brief and seeing patterns I have helped digitise being turned into beautifully sewn handmade products – seeing the ways different people work with fabric and interpret the designs is inspiring. I find this as exciting as having my own solo art exhibition, or getting a highly commended in an art show and being invited to take part in an arts program culminating in an exhibition at the regional gallery.

I feel I am an artist, not one in a totally traditional sense but in a way that suits me and the way my creativity ebbs and flows with life.

The name Radge Design came from my nickname Radge and that I love designing things; so it sums up what I do beautifully. It is an eclectic mix of graphic design, art and jewellery each which enables me to express a bit about myself in different ways depending on how I feel.

If you are interested in seeing what happens in the world of Radge Design or interacting with me you can find me on Facebook or Instagram, which has some behind the scenes and sneak peaks you won’t find anywhere else. If you have any products from Radge Design and share them on social media use the #radgedesign I love to see things I have created being worn and used.