Did you grow up believing you can’t make money being creative? I did.

Then I found graphic design.

That was it – problem solving, helping others and being creative all mushed into one – I’d found the perfect job.

But the back story is a little more involved.

friendly graphic design aka louise

When I was at school my favourite subject was ART (and totally didn’t go with the science and math’s I also did) but I was practical, from a family where you can’t make money being creative… it’s a hobby.

So, I went to uni.

Studying to be a health care professional with a job at the end and I remember telling mum at the time:

‘I’ll study this so in the future I can do this 2 days a week and be creative the rest of the time’

At that point I had no idea how I was going to achieve that goal, but knew I needed to be creative to be me. Anyway, back to a bit about me.

Hey I’m Louise – most people call me Radge.

A friendly creative graphic designer and surface pattern maker innately skilled at reading your mind and turning your ideas into designs that will make your business shine.

Working with me is fun and easy. I’m friendly and a bit chatty, I like to get to know you and what makes you tick. As the more I understand you the easier my job is.

Are you friendly and kinda easy going?

Know what you want but aren’t fixed on how to get there or your ideas are a bit sketchy!

I love helping people just like you.

Want to know how I know that? Look at what my happy clients have to say, Like Kirrilee from Deadly Mojo Sewing.

So, rather than do the design work yourself, outsource it to me. I love doing the creative stuff & according to my amazing clients I am awesome at it.

Helping small businesses stand out – it’s my calling.

I know what it’s like to have a day job and a business you want to grow.

I get it.

I know what you need to grow your business and can help you get there.

Just for fun, here are some random facts about me!

  • I enjoy showing off my personality with groovy Rosanna skirts from Boom Shankar – I wear them almost every day (saves thinking about what to wear, I simply need to pick the colour/pattern I feel like on the day)
  • I enjoy coffee (not too strong or I get all jittery – not quite so good for designing)
  • I enjoy collecting quotes on business, life & everyday things from a wide range of sources (generally the books I have been reading)
  • I read & paint & draw in my spare time cause being creative is what I do

Where I Learnt

As the creative brain behind Radge Design. I have a Diploma in Commercial Arts (Graphic Design) and have worked as a freelance designer since 2013.

I have completed Modules 1-3 & the Ultimate Portfolio Builder from Make It In Design – so have the skills for creating patterns for use on fabric, homewares, clothing etc. Which I love.

I work virtually (for the most part), so geography doesn’t matter, I work with clients anywhere.

Want to know more, book a chat with me so we can see if we’d work well together.

Here are a few samples of the work I’ve done for my clients (or you can see more on the graphic design page)


If you like the style of designs I create & would like to work with me, get in touch.

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