Do you want to have fabric designed exclusively for you and your business.

Chat to me and see how I can create a design exclusively for you.

Or do you have a pattern idea that is still in your head? or a simple sketch you would like turned into a repeat? Get in touch and see how I can help you turn your ideas into the perfect patterns patterns.

Designs are available for licensing or purchase, full portfolio of designs available on request. And some patterns are available on products direct from Radge Design.

Surface Pattern Products can now be found on the Radge Design Fabric Website

Surface Pattern Collections

Tropical Papaya Collection

A fun tropical inspired collection with palms, coconuts and simple little crab tracks on the sand. Colours inspired by the Pantone2020 trending colours.

Homeland Flora Collection

A whimsical foliage based collection with a curious bubbles complement which came from a little detail in the alliums design separated & enlarged to create bubbles.

Abstract Collection

A collection of abstract designs with a retro feel based on free form abstract art & the use of lines and circles. They are Retro, Storm, Summer Fun & Lilac.

Linear Collection

A collection inspired by the Bauhaus Design movement using simple bars & circles to create complementary patterns using simple colourways.

Stories behind the Patterns

Surface pattern is the design of patterns for use on surfaces, from fabric to stationery to clothing to wrapping paper, the options are endless.

As an emerging pattern designer I love designing for fabric and textiles as I get a thrill seeing them used to make gorgeous things.

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