Surface pattern is the design of patterns for use on surfaces, from fabric to stationery to clothing to wrapping paper, the options are endless. The patterns can be focal with a single main focus or repeat where the design covers an entire area like a roll of fabric.

As an emerging pattern designer I love designing for fabric and textiles as I get a thrill seeing them used to make gorgeous things.

Do you have an idea you’d like to see turned into a design for a surface pattern?

It could be an idea that is still in your head or a simple sketch you would like turned into a repeat, either way get in touch and see how I can help you turn your ideas into patterns too.

Surface Pattern Collections

Homeland Flora Collection

A whimsical foliage based collection with a curious bubbles complement which came from a little detail in the alliums design separated & enlarged to create bubbles.

Abstract Collection

A collection of abstract designs with a retro feel based on free form abstract art & the use of lines and circles. They are Retro, Storm, Summer Fun & Lilac.

Linear Collection

A collection inspired by the Bauhaus Design movement using simple bars & circles to create complementary patterns using simple colourways.