A fun tropical collection of patterns, these came from a pattern call out asking for a ‘rad repeat pattern’ using the top 5 pantone colours for 2020.

Doodling on the couch one night I created the palm frond motif (maybe I was dreaming I’d rather be at the beach as it’s the middle of winter here), with little papayas floating around. Then when taking the sketch digital; as that is how I work sketching designs up then converting them to a digital format; the colours seemed perfect for the fun tropical beach feel I wanted to achieve.

I present to you:

  • Tropical Papaya (the hero print)
  • Coconuts in Sunrise, Sunset and Beach
  • The coordinate patterns in Sunrise, Sunset and Beach

Tropical Papaya Surface Pattern Design surface pattern design Tropical Papaya Coconut Sunset pattern design Tropical Papaya Coconut Beach pattern design Tropical Papaya Sunrise

The perfect blend of a fun bold hero print, with simpler yet still detailed coconuts and the simply stunning coordinates perfect for anything.