We all make mistakes, it’s a natural part of life. It’s what we do after them, and what we learn from the mistakes that matters.

Mistakes & Design

In any industry or job there are potentials for mistakes to occur, in graphic design the majority occur with breakdowns in communication. Or a mismatch between the design and the initial expectations.

When the expectations aren’t aligned; The design process doesn’t work or it can be very frustrating. If you’re not sure about what is being asked or the quote you have received ask… get the points clarified. It makes for a much better relationship between yourself the client and your chosen designer.

With design often mistakes come down to miscommunication or typos or a combination of the two. Like, not fully checking a design concept before it’s printed. You hope in these situations that you haven’t printed 10,000 copies or that the typo isn’t saying anything offensive. I’m sure you’ve all seen design fails like this shared around on social media – where a missing letter turns a word from innocuous to obscene.

It’s a case of live and learn.


‘We all make mistakes, … it’s what we do about them that counts.’

Meredith Appleyard in ‘The Doctor Calling’

quote about mistakes its what we do about them that counts


Do you agree?

‘Life was filled with mistakes and that the key was to learn from our errors in judgement.’

Debbie Macomber in ‘A Turn in the Road’

‘Some mistakes can be prevented… others are meant to happen. Either way, you have to work through it until you know what direction to take.’

Leesa Bow in ‘Winning the Game’

‘Our biggest blunders can end up being the best thing that happened to us.’

Robyn Carr in ‘Hidden Summit

How have you learnt from your mistakes?

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