Moodboard – Beauty Simplicity Calm

Moodboards can be used to help portray the feeling of a business, sometimes they are incorporated into style guides (depending on the package you get from your designer). Basically, they give you a visual representation of the mood of your business.

Here I have taken a set of 3 values that a brand may have and used them to create a mood board that represents these. I have then taken it one step further, creating Designer Socials graphics, so you can see how taking the image style, colours and fonts and putting them together enhances the brand. And can help to enhance your brand when sharing it with the world on social media.

In this case the brand values are:

  • Beauty
  • Simplicity
  • Calm

moodboard beauty simplicity calm to suit day spa or yoga studio


Think imagery that invokes calm, yoga poses & nature but all in a muted pastel colour palate. Different from the usual calm peaceful moodboards, this one is a little fun with those pops of calming blues and dusty lilac blended with a pale cream like yellow. You get that feeling of calm without the blandness of neutral based imagery; it needs images with a hint of colour, not too bold but there to invoke that sense of calm and beauty within.


The primary font is simple, clean and a little quirky with some of the letter shapes, like that on the A and G; that help add to that sense of calm. The Script font to tie with it enhances the beauty and peacefulness whilst still remaining relatively simple. Perfect for headings or to highlight a word, but overall used sparingly it will help enhance the branding.

fonts and colours to suit beauty simplicity calm moodboard

Putting it together on Designer Socials graphics

Do you like this brand vibe?

Photos/Imagery sourced from: Radge Design, &

Like how the Designer Socials tie this look together?

Can you see how mixing these style of images into your social posts could help your brand recognition?

I can help you with it, for more info click below.

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