Lilac Cat

The Collage Journal series are a range of surface patterns created from mood boards using old school paper and magazines in their creation.

‘The Cat From Outer Space’ in the center of this board doesn’t quite fit by colour (to me it has too many pink tones) however creative license means I couldn’t resist using him – and he fitted way better with the lilac tones than the pink ones I had.

Creating a range of surface patterns is all about telling a story or linking the designs in some manner so those that sew can tell their own story by how they use the designs in their creations.

Obviously from the title of the collection ‘Lilac Cat’ you can see how I have incorporated this central element from the mood board with a simple cranky cat head motif within the focal print. I could have used the ballet shoes or fairy or even the iris in the corner so maybe I’ll come back and create a new range focusing on a different inspiration for the main motif. That is what I love about this series of ‘briefs’ there is scope for so much more than the initial idea which is a huge win for creativity.

Other than the cat the other designs within this collection are very linear, geometric based designs.

The patterns are: Lilac Cat, Lilac Cat Lines & Lilac Cat Links, with both the lines and links available in purple, lilac and teal.

In their bold print you can find them on Red Bubble


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