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Recently I had the pleasure of working with Miranda from Bowerbird Solutions on the branding for her new business. Bowerbird Solutions | Your Virtual Business Support – specialising in social media marketing, blogs, newsletters etc all the content related things for your business as well as the general admin side of things.

The brief I had to work with was quite broad:

  • target market female business owners 25 to 65 years old
  • wanting a fresh modern logo that is professional without being cold
  • colour preference blues or greens preferably not pink (although open to ideas)
  • and inspiration images supplied were all logos using script fonts

So, there was a bit of a mishmash of ideas going on for me to work through as fresh, modern, professional was at odds with the inspiration images and focus on script fonts; plus, the mint green in the images was a bit cool where we didn’t want the logo to be ‘cold’ looking. Which upon chatting to Miranda about this she could see where I was coming from.

Design decisions

In the end we decided upon a type-based logo with a monogram where the elements could be used together or separate depending on the space the logo has to be used in.

bowerbird solutions logo design

Not all logos will suit all spaces e.g. square vs rectangle; so, it is handy to have options that all work together to give your brand a cohesive look across all mediums/spaces you want to use it in.

I also worked in black and white till we got the basics of the logo right (which I don’t generally do) before adding colour as the idea I had for the colour was outside the square for the brief, which has a back story.

A bit of back story

colourway for branding design
A few weeks before Miranda contacted me about her branding design, she had commented on a colourway image that I’d posted on Facebook which had a nice Bowerbird Blue with fuchsia and neutral tones.

The instant I saw the branding brief come through I thought of those colours for the branding and could visualise how it would all work together to be professional, modern yet personable.

The end result

The final design has a modern serif style font, so traditional/professional but not cold with the ends of the letters having little curves which made all the difference to how it came together, combined with a script font for solutions, smaller in proportion – solving a problem being friendly but not overpowering the professional feel of the design. The icon with the B nice simply stylish in entwined circles which were inspired by the Bowerbirds and how they form their bowers, so tying back into the name in an abstract manner.

Adding design elements

Developing the brand further with templates to add text to for social media I utilised the brand colours with the entwined circles from the icon. And then took this a step further with variations on how they can be used to overlay photographs to have a cohesive feel without all the images looking the same.

As for photograph style they are all simple neutrals with a pop of blue to tie in with the overall brand feel: Fresh Professional Personable.


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