The Collage Journal Series

A series of collections inspired by images & colours found in print magazines. They are a journal by colour, these are the moodboards that inspired them.

The inspiration behind the colour boards came from an online course I was completing on surface pattern design where they wanted you to get back to basics and off the computer screen. So I created a range of collages by dividing the images I found in a pile of magazines into colour groupings I then used these physically created mood boards as a ‘brief’ to work to. Kind of like when you have a client brief that has to meet certain criteria when designing. So I set some rules for myself to make it more like a client brief.

Each colour and motif used within the patterns has to have been in some way (however loosely) inspired by the mood board I am working with.

In other words I need to be able to describe how the motifs within the final designs were inspired by the original board. Each collection has been designed to a restricted palate of 3-5 colours and in collections with 1-2 focal prints and simpler complementary designs. The reason for the restricted palate is to give a more harmonious feel at the end where each of the finished designs can be used together for something like a quilt or alone on a cushion.


The Collage Journal Series collection have quirky names inspired by a colour and an element within the mood board that take my fancy.

To read more about these individual collections see:

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