Designer Socials – What it is & How it works

Are you interested in Designer Socials but don’t quite know what it is or how it works?

Basically, Designer Socials aims to make your life easier, giving you ready to use images/graphics to simply post on your social media. You don’t have to create the graphic or make it the right size, it is all done for you – all you need do is think of any words that you want to put with the image when you post it.

They may be images with quotes or simple words, services you offer. What they say is up to you.

designer socials examples showing different styles

Info needed

After ordering the service, I will need some information and files from you, which can be uploaded into a Dropbox folder that I will set up (or if you already have this information in one place that you can share with me, even better).

The brand info needed is:

  • You Logo
  • Brand Style Guide or Brand info – if you have one, if not I will look at your website and social media posts to determine it.

Information specific to Designer Socials that I will need is:

  • Text, Words or Quotes you would like on the images – these can be in a basic word doc, or even sent in an email.
  • Shape for the images – the default is square (as they work on most platforms) or tell me where you want to use the images and I can find out the best shape to design them.
  • Do you want to be able to create your own designs using the Designer Socials images as a template? If you want to do this let me know the program you will use so I can ensure they are compatible.

How it works?

After I have the information as above, I will source stock imagery to suit your branding and create the designs for you, saving them as either png or jpeg images at 150dpi. The files will then be supplied via the Dropbox folder so you have them all in one place

Other things you may be wondering

Can I supply my own images?

Yes, I can use images that you have supplied (for example if you are an artist and want your imagery in the background of the quotes). If images are supplied to me then you need to have the correct reproduction rights (aka license) and copyright of the images so that I am able to use them.

Am I able to use these designs to create my own?

If you wish to use the Designer Socials images to create your own images in the future, some of the images will need to be made as a template. They would have design elements included on them (without imagery aka photos) that you can then overlay on images yourself and add text to. They’re like blank designs where you can then add the information in as you wish.

Can I get the designs in a different file format?

No, Designer Socials are specifically designed to provide graphics for use on social media and the internet, as such are supplied as png or jpeg files. They are not files designed for print, if you wish to have print designs created then I can provide you with a quote for the project you have in mind.

So, is Designer Socials what you need?

Do you struggle with posting on social media as you don’t have graphics that look the way you want? Or you don’t have the time to create the graphics you want so you leave it in the too hard basket and post nothing?

Do you have you brand style guide and information that came with your logo, but struggle to make images that look good and tie in with your branding?

Or do you simply want someone else to do the graphics work for you?

If you answered yes to any of these then, Designer Socials is the perfect package for you.

As Designer Socials gives you ready to use graphics perfect for your business, so you can be on brand all the time without the effort.


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