Fonts have feelings? Oh, I meant personalities.

Are the font’s you use in your logo and branding telling the right story?

Did you know the style of fonts you use can either add or detract from your overall brand story and values. Every business has a personality which can be portrayed in their branding by colour, layout and font.

Some fonts look trustworthy and serious, others are playful and fun; which have you used?

Is the choice of font in your logo right for your brand, its personality and the values it embodies?

For example: XYZ Legal

Which brand looks more trustworthy and knowledgeable? If you were looking for a lawyer would the branding impact on your choice?

fonts matter example of how typography affects perception

Or ABC Childcare

Who would you trust with your child, to allow them the freedom to play and learn in a fun environment?


abc childcare example of how fonts change feeling

So as you can see from the simple examples above simply changing the font, changes the perception of the brand.

Originally Published on LinkedIn, July 2019


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