5 Designer Socials graphics


Ready to use graphics for your social media

This gives you ready to post graphics for your social media, you provide the words or quotes and I will turn them into 5 ready to use graphics perfect for your business.

This mini pack is perfect if you need images for your services or product pages.


  • 5 ready to post graphics for social media

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Ready to use graphics for your social media

Do you need images to post on social media?

You have the words but setting up the images is a hassle?

With Designer Socials package, you provide the words or quotes and I will turn them into ready to use graphics perfect for your business. So you can be on brand all the time without the effort.

What Designer Socials Includes:

5 images designed to suit your brand for use on social media.

  • Images can be ready to use including imagery/text or template style ones depending on your needs.
  • Images will be supplied as square images unless otherwise organised.

They will be supplied as either jpeg or png files (file type will depend on what is best suited for the images) at 150dpi via Dropbox. Designer Socials under this package will not be supplied as print files, if you wish to use these designs for print purposes an additional fee will be applicable.

After purchasing you will be given a link to gain access to the Client Portal (where you can sign up or I will be in touch via email), if you are a current client I will be in touch to update your details as you are already in the system.

How it Works:

  1. You supply your logo and style guide or brand info (if you have it, if not I will look at your website and social media posts to try determine your brand style); to a dropbox folder that I will set up for the project.
  2. Supply me with any text/quotes you would like used on the images, up to 10 in a basic word document.
  3. I will source stock imagery to suit your branding or you can supply your own images of you own work to be utilised (you need to have reproduction rights and copyright of images if supplied yourself).
  4. I will then use the words and imagery to create square images to use on your social media. If you would like template images then these will be designed with space to add text or overlay on images depending on your requirements.
    • If set up as a template, please let me know what program you will be using them in so I can ensure they will be compatible.


Please note: Depending on the fonts used in your branding I may not be able to use the exact same fonts due to licencing, in this instance I will use one that complements you branding.

For terms & conditions associated with design work please read here. If you have any questions please contact me so we can discuss it further.

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